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TLC Application: Kozume Kimi by GoodWaifu TLC Application: Kozume Kimi by GoodWaifu
For the rp group…

Name: Kozume, Kimi

Age: 17

Birthday: May 17

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 148 cm/39 kg

Year: II

Club: Theater

Likes: Steak, melons, green eyes, a hot bath after a long day, playing with people's hair, making people more attractive, people's clavicles, stomachs, corgis, food that the person enjoyed cooking, rain, lightning, anything she finds pretty, her legs, making others happy

Dislikes: Being alone, blood, the smell of antiseptic, orange floral print clothing, being sweaty whens she'd trying to sleep, her chest, thunder, overly loud noises, not looking her best



As blunt and straight forward as they come, Kimi can be rather spoiled and vain. She enjoys people, especially ones she finds attractive or interesting. While she is spoiled she likes to give things to others, money isn't really an object for her when it comes to others or making herself pretty. She generally is pretty conservative with her money, reusing everything she has for as long as possible, she has had the same wallet and backpack since preschool.

She doesn't dwell on small matters, or any matters really. When something bad happens she brushes it off and continues on. She doesn't enjoy crying as she thinks it makes her look gross and weak. She already thinks she looks like a child, she'd rather not act like one. If someone makes fun of her she will compliment them and walk off. If they are insulting her then their opinion is obviously one she shouldn't care about. With her way of dealing with problems when someone else has problems she is completely lost at how to comfort them or help them handle them. Complex emotional situations complete baffle her.

Kimi doesn't really enjoy schoolwork but puts a good effort into it because it makes her family happy. The only times she ever slacks in anything is when she is even in a little pain. If she hurts she will completely shut down and basically will be a statue. If she is somehow forced from her shut down she will constantly complain about her pain. She also whines when she is cold, or thirty, or hungry.

Even with her generally moodiness she is very happy. Since she doesn't have much stress because she just shrugs it off she's generally is a good mood. It doesn't take a lot to make her happy and she isn't picky about gifts. No matter how gross something tastes if someone made it for her she will think it tastes good. She's overly sentimental like that.

She's very possessive and hordes any objects she owns. She likes to appear orderly so the main part of her room is clean but her cupboard and under her bed is full of things she has kept over the years. She also has a tendency to treat people like objects, becoming overly possessive and jealous. She's more underhanded in her methods and will generally not act out against whoever is getting near the person she is possessive of and instead try to take up either of the people's time so they never get to see each other. The way this problem is usually fixed is she integrates the person infringing on her "possession" and adds them to her group of people. She doesn't mind if they intermingle.



The youngest child and only daughter to a wealthy entrepreneurial couple. Her parents own the rather successful candy making company Octipallies which specializes in octopus themed candies. She was born and raised in Tokyo. She has four older brothers Ren (26), Shotaro (24), Yuuya (22), and Yoshiki (20). Her favorite brother was Shotaro who usually stayed home as the laziest sibling. He was also the one who put up with her playing dress up with him. Kimi figuring out that a boy had different make up needs than a girl when she was six made him a lot more willing.

She was rather spoiled, being the baby of the family and the only girl. She got away with just about anything, even interrupting her studious older brother when he was studying to enter his ideal high school. She was a rather smart child and when other kids tried being friends with her for convenience and her money she wouldn't go for it. This made her be ridiculed by most of her classmates for most of her elementary career. The time she started making friends is when she finally found somebody who caught her eye, a shy girl with messy blonde hair and thick glasses that the other kids were bullying. So began her long string of pet projects of grabbing other students and giving them make overs. She still didn't have close friends, preferring to stay surrounded by people but not interested in them enough to become friends with them.

At the end of high school she decided to go to the same prestigious high school as her eldest brother. With a lot of studying and a little luck she got in and joined the drama club on a whim. There she found an unlimited outlet to funnel her love of making people more attractive, and the beauty of making someone young and beautiful into someone old and ugly.

During the break between her first year of high school and her second she was hit by a truck while she was crossing a street. She broke several ribs and her left arms in three places. Her left leg from the knee down was severally mangled ending with a minced flesh where her foot would be. She was in the hospital for several months and her left leg was amputated. Her legs had been her favorite part of herself so she was rather upset at the lose, more upset about how weird she looked than the fact she couldn't walk. Her family decided to get her a prosthetic and she doubted how good of a fix that would be but was rather happy with the result. Especially liking that now she had a robot leg.

Kimi's parents decided that since she was the only one of their children still at home and they were constantly busy and couldn't see her all the time she should live with her aunt and uncle. Especially since the fresh air might help her with recuperation. She ended up moving in with her aunt and uncle, prominent melon farmers near Furano City. With the time it took to recover she missed most of her second year and the rest was spent getting settled in her new home.


Additional Information:

-She really likes seeing people's clavicles and abdomens
-She used to put her brother's hair in braids and ponytails
-She's okay with animated blood
-The area where her leg was amputated hurts when it rains
-She prefers to sleep naked
-She gets cold very easily
-While she doesn't overheat but she gets burns extremely easily
-When she's asleep she acts like a leech and latches onto anything with a heat signature
-She is a very heavy sleeper and if someone tried shaking her awake she'll just end up cuddling them
-The measurements on her chest go from 71 cm to 71 cm, she is completely flat chested.
-She likes video games, especially fighting games
-If she gets the chance she will put anyones hair into a side ponytail
-She doesn't swear, instead just shouts different words like they are curses

*sweats  nervously* I've probably redesigned Kimi three times and I hope she turned out alright. I don't know if I'll try using Paint Tool Sai again. I'm still too noobish to work it properly.
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She's the most spoiled of Ojousama.
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I had a very strong desire to make a kind of bratty character. And glad to be here.
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